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A fun and entertaining toy

with renowned partners

TETWO has the unique ability to connect and create new applications with completely original partners in the world of toys.

With FACOM, we raise awareness about maintenance and taking care of your TETWO.

With MARSHALL, the TETWO becomes a trendy decorative object with which you can escape behind the wheel or create a temporary festive ambiance.


A brand that guarantees its products for life

FACOM is a renowned French tool manufacturer, known for inventing numerous tools that have become essential in the best TETWO workshops.

TETWO and FACOM have developed a customized tool kit for younger users (starting from 8 years old) under adults supervision.

The kit allows for long-lasting intervention on the entire TETWO, whether it's for maintenance, repairs, adding accessories, or future upgrades.

TETWO and TESEVEN TOYOTA CLASSIC use FACOM tools daily for the construction of our creations.



Optimal sound for a small, fast car

MARSHALL and TETWO equip the small Landcruiser with the best portable sound using the Stockwell 2 or Killburn 2, housed at the back with a custom-designed support. The speaker gives the whole setup an amazing design.

The TETWO becomes a new form of entertainment with these robust speakers. You can freely drive with your own musical style or place it in the middle of a party with friends.


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