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Creating a small automobile

A long work of patience

In 2012, in the workshop of Teseven Autobody, a traditional pedal car made of steel sheet in the shape of an old Landcruiser series 4 was born, imagined and designed by Fabien Ouachée, a Charron Carrossier Companion.

It is inspired by the design of children's cars from the 50s/60s.

Initially a non-profit prototyping object, it will allow testing and validating complex molding dies for body panels of authentic Toyota Landcruiser series 4, vintage collection cars for which Teseven Autobody is the European leader in restoration with the brand Teseven Toyota Classic.

A true technical achievement, Fabien decides to continue improving this small car into a functional and durable toy. Year after year, the TETWO transforms into a real electric mini car with surprising performance and becomes one of the most innovative mechanical objects for kids in years.

An exceptional machine

With unlimited lifespan

The TETWO presents world innovations for the launch of the brand :

- Modular aluminum bodywork

- Evolving steel ladder frame chassis

- Forged steel leaf spring suspension

- Hydraulic disc brake system on the steering wheel (Shimano)

- Can carry a maximum load of 80 kg in the basic format and 200 kg as an option

- Comes with a functional toolbox (Facom)

- Customization and accessory add-on options

- Compact size allows accessibility to all access : interiors, access ramps and elevators

- Detachable Bluetooth speaker attachment (Marshall)

- Fully repairable vehicle with spare parts service 

- Parts recycling service supported by the company (in development)

- Customer buy-back service with reconditioning of used vehicles (in development)

- Object designed and sold for unlimited lifespan

- Removable tarpaulin and canvas structure covering the entire vehicle

- Detachable and removable tow bar for attaching 3 different trailers depending on the theme chosen

- Electricity station integrated into the trailer with photovoltaic panels adapted to the tent, enabling the vehicle to be recharged completely independently


The small TETWO Landcruisers are manufactured under a Toyota License agreement.


Fabien Ouachée
Créateur du Mighty Vehicle

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