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Be the first to drive a Mighty x Vehicle.
TETWO creates a machine with 14 global innovations at this miniaturization scale.
Exceptional performance ranging from 6 km/h with flange to 50 km/h without flange for   more than 4 hours autonomy.
An aluminum body with a seat in child and adult position that can receive a maximum load of 200 kg.
Many optional configurations are possible, some are even exceptional in their interactivity such as being able to sleep in your vehicle or transport your remote-controlled car and many others.
Created to offer moments of sharing, the Tetwo MxV allows you to take your child between the legs to discover together the joys of the sensations of a first vehicle.

Price: 15,000 euros excluding tax

Prix : 4980€ TTC

Toyota Landcruiser
serie 4

TETWO MxV Toyota Landcruiser 40  numbered

  • Color: White 033 + black

  • Size: L 1450mm x W 610mm x H 750mm

  • Vehicle weight: 80 kg

  • Motorization: electric 48Volt x 1000 watts

  • Min speed 6 km/h with clamp or max speed 50 km/h (clamping system included)

  • Shimano hydraulic disc brake

  • Forged blade suspension

  • Aluminum body with glazing

  • Dashboard with meter + glove box

  • Removable door with glazing and interior trim

  • Adaptable child and adult seat

  • Floor mats + seat + door trim in black imitation leather with embroidery

  • Ramp of 4 long-range LED headlights on windshield bay

  • 5 Beadlock rims + tubeless tire

  • Cibi antenna (dummy)

  • Snorkel (dummy)

  • FACOM toolbox integrated into the tarpaulin + booklet

  • Support with Marshall stockwell 2 speaker

  • Fender Flares

Prix : 4980€ TTC

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