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PRE-ORDER Limited edition

25 units numbered


The Toyota Land Cruiser, mechanical ICone returns to its original desert color, the emblematic:
DUNE 416.

TETWO creates an exclusive toy for the new generations of the Middle East.
For the very first time in the history of miniaturization, a child can sleep or play in their vehicle and create unique memories.
The tent is equipped with solar panels, these can recharge the Tetwo MxV completely independently or operate many electrical devices.
Only 25 units will be produced entirely by hand in France.
This limited edition is available exclusively in the Middle East

Pack details DUNE 416 :
Tetwo MxV Dune 416 + offroad trailer dune 416 + tent adaptable to trailer
+ autonomous station with solar panels.
Price: 30,000 euros excluding tax

Toyota Landcruiser
DUNE 416



  • Color: Dune beige 416 + chrome + black

  • Size: L 1450mm x W 610mm x H 750mm

  • Vehicle weight: 80 kg

  • Motorization: electric 48Volt x 1000 watts

  • Min speed 6 km/h or max speed 50 km/h  (speed block system included)

  • Shimano hydraulic disc brake

  • Forged blade suspension

  • Aluminum body with glazing

  • Dashboard with meter + glove box

  • Removable craft tarpaulin with frame

  • Removable door with glazing and interior trim

  • Adaptable child and adult seat

  • Floor mat + seat + door trim in brown imitation leather with embroidery

  • Alcantara sports steering wheel

  • Ramps of 4 long-range LED headlights on windshield bay

  • 5 Chrome Beadlock Rims

  • Cibi antenna (dummy)

  • Snorkel (dummy)

  • FACOM toolbox integrated into the tarpaulin + collector’s booklet

  • Support with Marshall stockwell 2 speaker

  • Side protections + fender flares

  • Trailer hitch

  • Optional: 10,000 euros excluding tax
    Black lacquered podium numbered backlit logo with automated descent and ascent


 TETWO offroad trailer

  • Color: Dune beige 416

  • Size: L 1972mm x W 570mm x H 1120mm

  • Trailer weight with tent: 82 kg

  • Double axle trailer with 4 rims

  • Beadlock chrome

  • Clearance lights and LED interior lighting

  • Aluminum structure tent with awnings

  • Light beige or dark blue colored canvas optional

  • Mattress for sleeping with opening equipped with mosquito net

  • Waterproof Ecoflow solar panel and support

  • Ecoflow Delta 2 electric station and its support

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