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An object born from the expertise of a lost know-how

The passion for sheet metal work

The mastery of artisanal stamping has completely disappeared for many years throughout Europe.

The last manufacturer of stamped tin toys closed over 40 years ago.

For the production of TETWO, we had to reinvent everything and overcome very complex technical challenges.

After many years of testing and refinement, our little cars have exceeded all our expectations by becoming one of the most robust toys in the world.


Carrosserie aluminium by Teseven

A toy without plastic

Durable and repairable

Our basic pedal version contains no plastic

Only recyclable materials are used when possible on the TETWO

We have chosen a toy that can support the weight of an adult with a steel ladder-type frame, and to compensate for its weight, we have opted for an aluminum body.

Aluminum is the most complex metal to weld and shape, but with this difficulty, it becomes the most exciting and rewarding to master. There are very few aluminum toys for these reasons.

The complex shaping and assembly of our bodies are the hallmark of our excellent craftsmanship.

Metals have the characteristic of being recyclable through the foundry industry. A sector that is perfectly mastered and represents a very large part of the production of new metals.

The bodies and frames of our TETWO can therefore be easily repaired or completely recycled in case of replacement.


Designed and manufactured in France

In a preserved valley of TARN

The company owns an entire automotive production line, so the small TETWO cars are built alongside the real Toyota Land Cruisers in restoration under the brand Teseven Toyota Classic.

The stamping press forms the future body panels, then the frames are made through welding and assembly, and all the parts go through the paint booth. All of this takes place in workshops of 1500 m2 for a production and quality that are perfectly controlled.

Unique in its kind, the TETWO could never have come to life without the production tools that we have created from scratch.


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